Monday, December 11, 2006

Virtual Cocktail Party, Blog Tag - I am it

Alec, tagged me with reference to Jeff Pulver's experiment in Blog Tag.

So as the game goes, 5 things that aren't widely known about me...

1. I am a sci-fi buff, and one of the few people that actually own a laser disc of Dune.
2. In Grade 12 I had a main chute failure in my first (and last) sky dive.
3. I am an avid angler, and enjoy fishing all over Ontario for all species of fish, both on frozen and unfrozen water.
4. I am a member of the CSIA and teach skiing on my downtime in the winter.
5. I contracted some form of Cholera on a trip to Africa last year.

In keeping with good Blog Tag etiquette, I hereby tag - Jaanus Kase, Jim Courtney, Kevin Delaney, Tom Keating, and Hans Blauw.

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