Thursday, June 11, 2009

Note to Jim Balsillie: Forget the Coyotes, get me a bloody BB Desktop Manager for Mac before I buy an iPhone.

Here is a public note to RIM, Jim Balsillie and anyone else in that organization that will listen.

Why do you hate Mac Users?

Herein lies the problem (as you don't seem to understand it) and the reason for my tirade, you don't have a Blackberry Desktop Manager for Mac. You license an application called PocketMac which 'sort of works' but not really.

The incredible lack of foresight and business strategy by ignoring 11% of your customer base is astounding, it is almost criminal. I can't explain it, the only possible reason for your utter contempt for Mac users is that no one in RIM uses a Mac.

Here is an important piece of information for you - the only reason I haven't switched to an iPhone is because of Google Sync. If it wasn't for Google Sync, I would have no way to reliably sync my calendar and contacts to my Mac and I would no longer be a Blackberry user. And let me be clear, I don't want to use an iPhone - it doesn't run background apps., it doesn't support UMA, it doesn't have a program like BB messenger and I really don't like typing on the softkeyboard.. but what is important to remember is it doesn't do these things YET...

I currently run Windows 7 on my Mac in a Virtual Machine (a feature you don't support btw, which just lights my fire even more). I am running the Windows 7 beta which runs out in exactly 1 year. At this point, if I wish to continue to run Windows I will have to pay. The ONLY reason I run Windows at all, is to have the ability to update, backup and maintain my BB . I am NOT going to buy a Windows license just so I can continue to use my BB. I will be forced to switch to an iPhone.

Your strategy to not support Apple is astoundingly poor. Last year you spend a bunch of money developing Media Manger for Mac.. A completely useless piece of software, that does NOTHING as drag and drop works perfectly, and is actually easier to use.

Mac users are early adopters, influencers, bloggers, and the people whom are passionate about technology. I can't tell you how much I drive my peer group nuts blabbering on about how much the BB is the one and only work solution. I don't think you can afford to lose 11% of your customer base to Apple, it is completely unnecessary, hire a Mac team - and let them loose. You will be surprised at the unexpected benefits...

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Beatles on Rockband!! This trailer is amazing..