Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gapless Playback is irritating...

My love affair with my new Mac continues, but there are a few things that are a bit irritating. iTunes insists on running a process called "Determining Gapless Playback Information" - this process looks at all the albums in your collection and with some algorithm allows you to play them back with no crossfade gap. Good in theory, but bad if you have a 250 GB music collection on a shared network drive. There is no way to turn this feature off, and it basically renders iTunes completely useless while it runs.

It will probably take 2 days to chug through my collection, and once finished; since I don't rip entire albums for the most part, it probably won't have much effect.

I also have all the album art for my collection, but iTunes seems bent on downloading it again, I can't seem to get it to 'see' that it already exists.

I think there are some ways to tinker with your iTunes folder, but I haven't figured out quite everything.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Transfer your Skype IM history from PC to Mac

Having recently made the jump to Mac (and loving it) the first thing I installed on my new MacBook was Skype. It is fantastic on the Mac by the way - with the built in iSight and screaming fast processor - the HD video and voice sessions on the Mac are incredible. The omni-directional mic is just fantastic. The Mac was built for Skype.

Much like my Outlook .pst file, I wanted to transfer my chat/IM history to my Mac. It is quite simple and here are the steps.

First - on your PC go to: C: > Documents and Settings > "username" > Application Data > Skype >"username"

and copy the entire "username" file that you want to transfer.

Copy this information to a thumbdrive and transfer it to your mac desktop to which you have Skype already installed. Place the folder on your Mac desktop and open Finder.

Navigate to "Username" > Library > Application Support > Skype and then drag your username file from your desktop to the Skype folder and replace the folder with the new one you are dragging.

Presto.. start Skype and you have your IM history.

I did get an odd "password is incorrect" notice on my first boot of Skype, but after I entered it - I had my IM history intact.

I have been Liberated - the Mac switch is done. Microsoft officially sucks.

A quick post to hereby declare my Apple Fanboy status. After much deliberation, thought, and planning - I have made the 100% switch to Mac.

I can't really put into words how much I love this new MacBook - the trackpad is just fantastic. Until you use one and see your productivity skyrocket you can't fully understand.

One hiccup during the switch that I must say was most irritating, and I do apologize to the CSR @ Microsoft I probably made cry last week, was that Microsoft Entourage isn't compatible with Microsoft Outlook. I am not kidding - you cannot import your inbox/sent items .pst file to Microsofts very own product on the Mac. They provide no conversion tool, you are just SOL. There is a complicated and time consuming method of importing to Thunderbird then exporting to a Mac friendly format - but if (like me) you live inside your PST file, I strongly suggest paying the 10$ for O2M - this software from LittleMachines did exactly what it was supposed to do and converted my entire .pst folder to mBox.

Apple isn't perfect, but compared to Microsoft - they are in a league of their own.