Thursday, April 08, 2010

Skype and iPhone OS 4.0 - this is sort of a big deal..

Apple today announced the upcoming features and road-map for iPhone OS 4.0. In short multitasking is supported. This means that you can make and receive Skype calls and presumably receive IM anytime the application is running in the background. Skype actually demo'd a VoIP call on stage during the event on an iPhone.

This is a gamechanger.

The adoption of Skype in Business is a no brainer now. With Verizon, 3 and iPhone supporting Skype calling on their platform and devices, businesses have to take Skype as a serious as they take the PSTN, do you really want to be the only business that doesn't accept incoming Skype calls? If you're competition is doing it, you better as well.

Kudo's to Apple for opening the platform, RIM has some serious competition coming - they need a refresh of the OS in a BIG way...