Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Voxeo + Tropo + Adhearsion = $

Some really great news today from the folks @ Adhearsion. I have spoken about Adhearsion in the past, it is very impressive - it goes beyond telephony toolkit or Voice API's, and with today's announcement puts it in a class of its own when it comes to Voice applications.

Adhearsion has joined Voxeo to launch Voxeo Labs. Essentially what this means is now the 'Sandbox' Adhearsion once sat in, has the power of the Voxeo network to draw on for applications.

To put this in context, I can (in probably less than 2 days) build a customized and interactive Voice Recognition front end tied to an ecommerce engine with an interactive telephony driven website. Doing something like that even 2 years ago was a 6 month build - this is child's play for Adhearsion. It is really groundbreaking stuff.

The challenge Voxeo Labs has is clear. Make decision makers understand the value add Voxeo Labs can bring to their business. They need (and I know they will build) sample apps. to demo the network, and recruit an army of business saavy developers to make the apps that will drive the traffic on the network.

Most importantly however is this - This platform gives developers an opportunity to really make money $$, the apps. created on this network will be affordable and powerful, this really levels the playing field for small developers and gives them an excellent opportunity to reach a global audience for their applications much in the same way that the App Store has done with the iPhone.

Congrats to the Adhearsion guys and kudo's to Voxeo for seizing this opportunity.