Friday, February 22, 2008

GrandCentral and Google starting to synergize (is that a word?)

via Mashable ~ GrandCentral the 1 number to rule them all voice provider (and just an all around awesome service) has finally started down the path of integration with Google. You will see in the top right of my blog - a button that was auto generated and installed from inside my settings page of my Grandcentral account. By clicking it you can enter a phone number and it will contact me, complete number privacy and find me follow me, is a very compelling solution for web based calling.

A hearty congrats to Craig Walker, the CEO of GrandCentral on not only the sale to Google, but keeping GrandCentral a separate and growing business inside the Google ecosystem.

Craig - we discussed Canadian DID's at CES in 2005, we really need to get that done! GrandCentral needs some Canadian flavour! I will leave you a message on your GC account.