Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sunrocket makes no 'sense' - update, fixed!

Alec has been covering his exchange with the Sunrocket 'automatons' aka CSR's in his never ending attempt to cancel his service.

You can follow the thread here.

I find it very interesting how Alec references his VoIP blog and his readership, but it seems to fall on deaf ears. I don't think it is a matter of them ignoring the fact he is a blogger, I think it is related to the fact that the low lever CSR he is talking to and the respective manager, haven't a clue what blogging is, or social media for that matter.

My readership is about 2% of Alec's but I am blogging the story, and others will to. This horrible service that Alec is being subjected to; can and I think will, have a very real impact on Sunrocket, and they haven't a clue.

NB - Literally within 24 hours of I am sure what a deluge of posts (never checked Technorati) the folks at Sunrocket called Alec to allow him to cancel his service without hassel. The PR guy (who must have had a small coronary) made good on their policy of 'hassle free cancellation' - so a happy ending. Social media is an amazing tool for PR, but is a double edged sword, markets are conversations, its not easy for a lot of companies to learn and benefit from it.

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