Sunday, December 17, 2006

Venice Project Screenshots

Thanks to Matt @ PeerImpact (very cool btw) for sending me the link to the Venice Project Screenshots.

The more I play with TVP, the more I like it. It appears to stream media across the p2p network, and I was asked what video compression they are using and do content providers have to re-encode to there format. Those are good questions, hopefully someone can point me to the answers.

The Channel list is a GUI overlay on the desktop.

You can chat with other people watching the same content as you, which is just uber cool.

You can skip forward and back through content, just like you are watching from a PVR.

The only bugs I have found thus far, is that it doesn't support my second monitor. I can drag the player to my other monitor, but it doesn't play there. I am sure that is a low priority but would be a nice feature to be enabled.

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