Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Andy Say's - Gizmo Goes All Calls Free...Mostly

Wow, according to Andy Abramson of VoipWatch, Gizmo project (the asterisk friendly Skype competitor) is going to best the Skype marketing machine by offering all calls free...  Period.  

It will be apparently launched tomorrow, more info. here.

How Gizmo Works - Gizmo to Gizmo

Bounty for tethering a Blackberry 8700 to a Mac...

Alex King has set up a bounty for anyone who can successfully tether a Blackberry 8700 to a Mac (running Mac OS X) to use it as a modem. The bounty is currently at $435.00 and rising!! The terms are listed on his website.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Skype Code cracked? Not a chance.

It is being reported that VoipWiki took a Skype call, from a reversed engineered client - produced by a Chinese company. This opens some interesting discussion points to say the least...

I just don't see how this is possible. The Skype guys (and left over KaZaA core) learned the lesson fron KaZaA lite. They aren't going to make that mistake again.

The Blogosphere is ripe with this story, if one thing is perfectly clear - Skype should be listening to the interest in this and recognize the opportunity to create a standard for VoIP communications on the web. Being closed is dangerous, everyone wants the protocol - why not work towards giving it to them?