Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Venice Project - An early X-mas Present

Wow, I am impressed. I just installed my first beta of 'the Venice project' (TVP) and I have to admit, as soon as I ran it for the first time I heard the click in my head. The last time I heard that click, was about 3 years ago when I installed this oddly named little VoIP app., called Skype, which essentially led me to quit my job, start a software and distribution company and start traveling the world.

The Venice project is a secure P2P video application, sort of. It is more than video, it is interactive TV, on demand, customizable and dead simple to use. The creators have a pedigree of success and I think this one is going to be as popular as its creators other projects.

What separates the Venice project from the likes of Sightspeed and YouTube? = easy - CONTENT. Within seconds of installing TVP, I was watching an amazing Green Day concert in London and saw a recorded performance of 'American Idiot' which just rocked, followed by (fellow Canuckette) Sarah Mclachlan solo on piano, and then I indulged in a few episodes of the World Poker Tour. Content is king, there is lots more to see and I can't wait to dig around and see the rest.

The application itself appears to use a ton of OpenSource code, lots of familiar libraries in the directory that make a Mozilla Dev. house like us get really excited for the opportunity to create some killer mashups.

I will post up some Screenshots as soon as I find them on the site, they ask you don't post SS's of content as they aren't the owners of most of it, but do have some agreements in place with some content providers.

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