Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Skype - Windows Mobile Treo 650, Part 3

The rumours around this are just rampant but Treonauts is reporting at a UK conference an Orange executive pulled out his new 650 and showed everyone the Windows Mobile 2005 OS running on it.. more details below.

So it looks like we might be close to a Skype Treo - not with Palm OS, but with Magneto - which I ponificated earlier would be a lot easier to accomplish...

"[Recently at] the Landmark Hotel, London, where a Very Senior Orange Person produced his Treo 650, and switched it on, and carelessly allowed all others at the table to see that it was not running PalmOS, but Windows Mobile 2005

Several people eagerly produced camera-phones to record this, and the phone was hastily tucked away where the sun can't shine."

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