Monday, April 18, 2005

Skype: Brings the Final Frontier to your Classroom.

Skype call to the International Space Station today.

This is by far the biggest endorsement yet. If NASA allows Skype to run on the ISS, surely - it is fine for your terrestial based business. I hope these kids are recording this conversation and will post it on the ARISS site. As I type this, this connection is happening. There isn't a better endorsement of how VoIP technology is fundamentally different than traditional Telco PSTN infrastructure, are you listening CRTC?

Somebody at Skype, please send this class a box of T-shirts.

Fort Ross Elementary School, in Cazadero, California has been scheduled for a contact on Friday, April 15 at 18:07 UTC.

Two ARISS contacts have been scheduled with ESA Italian astronaut Roberto Vittori, as follows: Istituto Tecnico Industriale Liceo scientifico Tecnologico "G. Marconi" in Civitavecchia, Italy and Ist.Tecn.Comm.Einaudi-Mattei & Ist.Statale Istr. Sup. Malignani In in Palmanova, Italy will share a contact with the ISS, as they are linked via Skype (internet telephony). The students from each institute will take turns asking questions. The event is scheduled for April 18 at 08:45 UTC.

The European Space Research Institute (ESRIN), is slated for a contact via telebridge station NN1SS on April 20 at 12:39 UTC.

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