Friday, April 29, 2005

Skype Beta for MS Smartphone Released.

Here are some of the details, GPRS isn't fast enough for Voice and since Smartphones aren't Wifi capable for the most part there isn't really a need for voice yet. But this is encouraging - Symbian will be next I would imagine.

Get it here.


Skype for Smartphone BETA
* participate in Skype network - log in, presence
* instant messaging
* centrally stored contact list support

Things to be aware of
* no voice (yet)
* network traffic usage - depending on your buddy list network usage can be quite large - up to several megabytes per day even without actively chatting, this is important if you pay per megabyte. There is option automatically disconnect then Skype is in idle and it's switched on by default, feel free to switch it off if you have flat-free rate.

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