Saturday, March 12, 2005

Skype for Treo, but scrap Palm OS.

Skype for Palm OS is often talked about, mostly for supporting the truly amazing Treo Handheld, it really would be the killer mobile app., the Treo has a huge community of users that just love the thing. I started thinking that it might actually be easier to port the Treo to Windows Mobile rather than trying to port Skype to the (rather uncertain future) of the Palm OS.

Gizmodo has some interesting screenshots up of what could be the Treo 670, and yup - you guessed it, Treo "Windows Mobile Version". Skype would be a killer app. for this device, and create a huge developer community movement to port the thousands of Treo specific apps. that have been created for Palm OS to Windows Mobile.

Thanks to Gizmodo (the best gadget blog on the net) for the Pics.

Prototype Treo 650 pictures, or a new Windows Mobile-powered ‘Treo 670?’ The guy who took these pictures said it ran Windows Mobile. PalmOne should be able to tell us for sure: if they say it’s a mock-up, it doesn’t run Windows Mobile. If they don’t say anything at all, it has to be true.

HTC, has been very vocal about getting Skype on there phones and this might be the solution that is quickest.

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Anonymous said...

Screw that, if I wanted windows garbage I would have bought something other than a treo.