Monday, December 28, 2009

Interesting Skype Mobile Facts

Russ Shaw, General Manager of Skype Mobile, has a great blog post recapping some of the stats Skype and its carrier partners have collected on Skype mobile usage.

The two I found most interesting are:

Skype for iPhone push notifications are coming!! Skype is working on it and as soon as the process is perfect it will be released.

Skype on 3 in the UK with the INQ phone, has been a amazing success as well. Most importantly the stats 3 has observed is that revenue from a Skype customer is 60% higher than other customers and provides 3x the SMS revenue as well. I've said it before, 3 gets it.

Hopefully Apple will remove the restrictions on 3G calling VoIP apps., in 2010. Mobile VoIP is hot, and must be a fun sector to be working in.

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