Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Canada's Do Not Call - Do Not Work !

Well today Sept. 30th the NDNCL - National Do Not Call List is to go live, and allow people to start entering phone numbers so they stop receiving telemarketing calls.

I won't weigh in on how flawed this legislation is from the start - there is no shortage of information and opinion on that. I will however point out that the site simply is not finished, nor' updated.

So, all that great taxpayer money we have spent to get it up and running is for not, as the CRTC seems to have dropped the ball on even launching it. You can't enter a number and none of the navigation links work, other than those to .gc.ca sites..

Great Job CRTC, great job.....

UPDATE = the site is up and running now - the CRTC underestimated the demand and the servers crashed.. if we had politicians with any guts at all, it should have been an opt-in to calling.

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