Friday, November 10, 2006

Skype added to Google Pack, Gtalk mysteriously missing

VoipNews is reporting that Skype has been included in the Google Pack download. Suspiciously Google Talk is not. This smells like the demise of Google Talk, which is surprising considering Andy is reporting a new Google Talk phone that is in production.

The list of applications included in the pack are: Google Desktop, Picasa, Google Toolbar for IE and FireFox, the Google Pack Screensaver, Ad-Aware Personal, Norton Antivirus 2005, Adobe Reader 7.0, Real Player, Gallery Player, and now Skype.

This is a huge distribution deal for Skype and obviously part of the announced click to call strategy with Google Adsense. Has Skype won the VoIM battle? When you have competitors distributing your product, it would appear it is all over but the crying.

In other news, the Skype 3.0 beta is a worthwhile upgrade, On-States ACD for Skype and the other apps in the download gallery are worth checking out.

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