Monday, November 22, 2004

Skype to be included in the KaZaA Network

This is a very worthwhile development and good idea by Skype Biz. Dev. By bundling Skype in the adware version of KaZaA, they are pretty much locking up an additional 300 million users worldwide. This puts a damper on the talk of Skype ever including Spyware or Adware, the application on its own will be free or adware, it is user defined.

Suddenly and with the stroke of a pen, I can now call 330 million people using my PC. This clearly puts Skype well in the lead and at the same time drives a nail in the coffin of any other wanna' be upstarts in the residential free VOIP offering.

At 30 million users there was still a chance for someone to compete with Skype, at 330 million, that lead will prove to be insurmountable.

I will do some research on numbers, but it could very well turn out that Skype is the new standard and H.323 and SIP will be playing catch-up now.

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