Monday, August 13, 2007

Office 2008 for Mac is the only thing holding me back before I make the switch.

For the last 5 months (I make slow computing decision) I have been contemplating the switch to Mac, I have used one periodically and just love the thing - but the only piece of the puzzle holding me back is the availability of an updated Outlook client for the platform. I have tinkered with other email/calendaring applications, but I like Outlook, and I have zero interest in moving off of it.

I know I can run parallels or VM ware, and accomplish much of what I am after; but that just doesn't appeal to me, it seems like a bit of a hack just to run an application that I live in, natively.

Granted the first thing I will install will be Boot Camp/Parallels on my new Mac, I just really want a seamless Outlook environment that is Mac centric.

I am pretty excited for this version of Office, not only should it provide a more user friendly Office environment - but it allows me to finally get off the Windows platform, that causes me nothing but headaches day in and day out..

Please Office for Mac team - you're my only hope.

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