Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ooma or a Nokia N800.. Hmm let me think...

The blogosphere is abuzz with the announcement of the zero cost calling solution Ooma. Ooma provides a $400.00 shiny ATA that meshes up with its peers and creates a free calling solution in the US. They have gone through 2 rounds of financing over 3 years and have raised 27 Million.

The Nokia N800 internet tablet (probably the coolest device ever made) retails for about the same amount.

To be blunt, the chances of me spending 400.00 on an ATA (which can be had for 40.00) or getting a N800 that does everything the Ooma does and way way way way more, is pretty slim. What boggles my mind is Ooma and the investors really think they have something unique, I am just speechless.

There are so many things wrong with this pre-launch and technology strategy, it is impossible to write it all down.

I hope someone takes David up on his Ooma challenge - Voice 2.0 took a huge step back today, lets hope someone takes two steps forward.

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