Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ticketmaster & Bon Jovi & iTunes do something Brilliant

Bon Jovi, Ticketmaster and iTunes - have done what I consider to be the perfect solution to the problem of illegal distribution of music via the web and the inability to track down (and monetize) file sharer's that have been to this point harder to catch than something Slippery When Wet.

In a promotion that can only be described as red hot, and I mean 7800 Degrees Fahrenheit - iTunes/Ticketmaster have (for the Upcoming New Jersey concert) decided to Keep the Faith with the fans of the band and through American Express, are offering preferred seating and early ticket sales to anyone who purchases a digital copy of the album distributed via iTunes.

I see this as a Cross Road in the delivery of digital media, it is rare to see a forward thinking solution These Days in an industry that is muddled with RIAA extortion and 19th century thinking by record companies. I like this for a few reasons, it gives the fans a chance to Bounce to the front of the line and support the artist monetarily, it has to be great of the artist as it can remove them from the Crush of the record companies as they can easily distribute music and sell more tickets to concerts (where they make the bulk of there profit anyway).

In an industry that looks like a Lost Highway, This Left Feels Right.

Have a Nice Day.

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