Monday, June 11, 2007

Safari/IE/FF CPU usage on a PC: Safari Wins

** Update - Safari is gone, getting me to switch from Firefox, will be next to impossible. Like Skype, the provider would have to hit a home run out of the gate in order to make me change.

I fired up all three browser running on a Aspire 1690 Pent M 1.5 with 2G of Ram.

I had 3 tabs open running the exact same sites. My Yahoo, iGoogle, and Techmeme.

IE7 - Memory Usage: 76 44K (no addons installed)
FF 2 - Memory Usage: 64 044K (addons installed Facebook Toolbar, Mouse Gestures, PDF Download)
Safari - Memory Usage: 62 860K

Impressive results for Safari, not only is it noticeably faster, but it uses less memory out of the box as a beta than the other incumbents. I am going to continue to play with it - it isn't perfect, it seems to have some funky ways of dealing with sites that open up frames, but it is a pretty impressive quick browser.

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