Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Naked, barefoot and invisible Skype

An interesting post today on the Skype Dev Blog, has generated a fair bit of discussion in the blogosphere. Essentially it broaches the concept of a naked, headless, Skype client. Skype announced last August, the SkypeNet API, (Vaporware to this point btw) which was along these lines, but the concept of a 'Naked Skype' as discussed today goes much much further.

Alec weighs in with his Voice 2.0 manifesto musings, and they are bang on. Jim has a follow up post on SkypeJounal. This idea; creates and solidifies Skype as a platform for voice communication. Developers would flock to have access to the Skype communication network. I could see "Skype Inside" stickers popping up like Intel Inside, or "powered by Skype" etc., all driving a healthy and expanding developer community and enlarging the userbase for Skype paid services.

It seems pretty apparent that these are the tools the dev. community wants - and on the heels of a Techdirt analysis that Skype is far from reaching its earn out clause numbers, I would think they would jump at the chance to start offering robust, enterprise tools for the loyal community to start driving real numbers to the bottom line.

Ringtones are so last Tuesday.

Developer, Developers, Developers....

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