Thursday, June 16, 2005

Skype is Half of all NA VoIP traffic

According to an analysis done by broadband management company Sandvine Inc. , Skype currently accounts for 46. percent of all VoIP traffic in North America. “So this is not like five guys who figured out they could call Slovenia 24 hours in a row; this is a mass market phenomenon,” says Sandvine’s Steve McGeown.

With this kind of penetration, Skype is established and staying. It will be near impossible to knock Skype off its pedestal now. Carriers better wake up, the writing is on the wall.

Below is listed a graphic detailing the Top VoIP customer acquisition companies. The Skype numbers, some would argue are slightly skewed, as the other provider have ARPU, whereas Skype is a pre-paid service. Regardless, they are dwarfing all others in usage, and the company plans to extend far beyond voice. Something the other PoIP companies have failed to realize.

Table 1: VOIP's Leaders
VOIP Provider Paying Customers
Skype Technologies SA 1,000,000
Vonage Holdings Corp. 500,000
France Telecom SA 330,000
FastWeb SpA 300,000
Cablevision Systems Corp. 189,000
AT&T Corp. 53,000
Source: Sandvine and Point Topic

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