Wednesday, June 01, 2005

ASUS P505 PDA Smartphone Ships with Skype - (well maybe not)

Tony Dennis of the Inquirer, reportedly stumbled across a Skype Enabled PDA/Smartphone at the ASUS booth at Computex in Taipei.

Surprisingly, pre-installed with Skype. Most people feel that the handset manufacturers are scared to embrace Skype so as not to strain relationships with the wireless carriers that essentially have them by the short and curlys with respect to what they can and cannot do. Sucks to make a product that only a handful of companies can sell.

The chance to free themselves from the oppressive rule of the global wireless barons might be too attractive for handset manufacturers to pass up. Motorola (the Ivanhoe of this movement) has announced plans to work with Skype and rumours abound regarding Nokia. The writing might be on the castle wall for some Wireless Telco's, start delivering high speed reliable data, or "off with your head".

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