Monday, October 05, 2009

Skype Video Opens up - The developer program evolves...

LifeSize, the fantastic HD video conferencing solution provider has just released an absolutely fantastic business product for Skype. The LifeSize Passport.

The Passport is the only product to ever allow for Video interop to the Skype network. This is the first in a what I think will be a series of products allowing for features that have never been possible working with Skype as a platform, the recently scaled back client API developer program that Skype had fostered is being reworked into something that can create real solutions for business and end users. First Digium with Skype for Asterisk, and now LifeSize with the Passport have worked with Skype to do a true network interop, that is scalable, easy to use and maintain.

Kudo's to LifeSize, I am anxious to see the Passport in action.

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