Friday, May 02, 2008

Skype chat with eBay buyers? Not a chance

Being probably the most vocal proponent of Skype in NA (I mean I love this software) - I drive people nuts talking about it, rarely do any of my business conversations not have an exchange about Skype - or a username etc., with a client or partner, or the inevitable 'oh you have to try it, let me send you a headset...

But I found myself in an interesting predicament today: I dabble in eBay, I sell used movies and assorted media, games etc., and replace it with new stuff occasionally. Not having listed an item for sale in probably 6 months - I put a few up to be bid on as I head out for vacation next week. I was presented with an option I had not seen before in eBay Canada - which was to list my Skype username for voice and chat connections with potential buyers. Well in a work, NOT BLOODY LIKELY. The beautiful part about eBay lies in the fact I have to do nothing after I put up the auction - no contact (maybe a question or two) with any buyers and that is fantastic. There are no expectations from either party to provide that level of support, mostly due to the fact the stuff is greatly discounted and quite frankly self explanatory.

This probably doesn't hold true for super high value items like cars, or property - but in those cases I still want that seller to have a storefront and a 1800 number - it gives a sense of legitimacy to the purchase - I am not sure why.

Until I was faced with this question - I didn't fully understand the confusion and skepticism I heard from eBay powersellers back in 2006 at the eBay live devcon and show in Vegas - they didn't understand why eBay wanted them to talk to their buyers - now I get it.

Note to eBay - get out, there is no fit, don't wait a year. Google and Apple can do something grand with Skype. Get out of the way and unload it.

Power of 3? yeah right.

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Henrietta said...

After initial enthusiasm I dumped Skype. It is clunky, keeps dropping calls, you know when you are going because everything slows down and stretches until it snaps and there you are, gone. PITA.

Vonage. Only way to go, not tied to the stupid headphone, use any walkabout phone, slip the modem into the bag when on the road and use with any high speed internet connection.

Given how eBay is about talking to paying customers on the phone, why would they think their sellers want to?