Monday, September 17, 2007

Yahoo Buys Zimbra - will they kill the Skype integration piece?

Om Malik, is reporting that Yahoo has just purchased Zimbra for 350M$ (which I think is a steal). For those that don't know Zimbra is an opensource Ajax based webmail solution that competes with the likes of Microsoft Exchange. It has robust mobile capabilities and the UI is just spectacular; it also offers great Skype integration (will be interesting to see if Yahoo kills that little piece in favour of YIM).

This is a brilliant acquisition for Yahoo. Oddly they just completely revamped their web based UI with a new Ajaxy UI (which sucks, sorry guys but it does) - and hopefully will do it again and add full Zimbra functionality.

I will say it publicly right here. If Yahoo gives me Zimbra for free, I will switch to Yahoo mail and kiss Gmail goodbye instantly, Zimbra is that good, I would gladly pay for extra storage and a personal domain as well.

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