Sunday, February 18, 2007 Traffic Ranking by Country (US = 13%)

Alexa's new features (announced last week) sort traffic on a website by country now. It is a very handy feature and a welcome improvement.

Here are the traffic rankings for per country.

I have been searching for an updated list of 'Skype users by country' and 'revenue by country' but haven't been able to find anything recent. It would be interesting to see how the two statistics correlate with 'traffic by country'.

Usually in business 20% of your customers represent 80% of your revenue (if not higher) but in Skype's case - no one country (I am guessing) overwhelms the rest, the top 25 are listed which make up 70% of traffic, and the rest of the world = 30%. It poses an very interesting and challenging task for Skype Marketing. How do you market to the entire world if you don't have the budget like Coca Cola, and do you concentrate on the 25 countries that make up 70% of your traffic and forget about the rest of the world? Neither of which is an easy task.

The solution it seems would be to co-brand your client and work with as many #1 and #2 portals worldwide to get it out there. Something that Skype has done in the past (China, Japan Poland that I know of), but you don't hear much about anymore. The revenue numbers from co-branding partners would also be very interesting to see - maybe it isn't worth the work.

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