Monday, January 08, 2007

Podtech and Seagate, the new Black...

After a horrible night in a 1/2 star hotel and a late flight, a lost wallet in a cab, a beacon of light appeared at this years CES. It is called the Podtech Bloghaus - a mirage of tranquility if you will, in the middle of the desert.

Seagate (my new favorite drive company) and Podtech have sponsored a suite in the Bellagio hotel for bloggers to meet, blog, chat, eat... all on the house. This is a great idea and very appreciated, and really illustrates, how differently CES is being covered this year with respect to media.

The cross section in the room is quite remarkable, there are bloggers, podcasters, video bloggers, all surrounded by mainstream media.

Thanks to Podtech and Seagate for making this happen.

You can see, Phil Wolf of the Skype Journal on the large Plasma being interviewed, real time blogging...

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