Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bangalore Operating System - revisited

Several months ago I posted a 'thought' that the surge in IT related startups and infrastructure improvements in India (specifically Bangalore, but it is growing all over the country) could spawn; given the right capitalistic approach, a new operating system to rival M$. My post was less about the actual idea of a new OS, and more about India based IT companies taking more of a ownership role in the products and companies they develop and develop for. It really only takes the right person to make it happen.

I have been thinking about this idea more and more since a colleague Stuart Henshall has been making the short commute between CA and Gurgaon India. And I am guessing, positioning a tech startup in India to become the next 'big thing'. As I anxiously sit and wait to see what Stuart and his team have cooked up, I have been enjoying his posts on the cultural differences between NA and India with respect to telephony, consumer electronics, and how they are being adopted.

Check out his newly rejuvenated blog - The Unbound Spiral, or as I like to call it, the blog that started it all :)

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