Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The BBC gets the wrong 'Guy' literally.. :)

This really floats my boat, for two reasons.

1. I have spoken to Guy Kewney in the past, he is a very good reporter and excellent writer.

2. Guy is a white English male, who had met with the folks at the BBC on numerous occasions in the past to provide commentary.

Linked is the video on Youtube.com where the BBC in studio reporter asked Guy for a comment on music downloading during an on air morning newshow. You will see that the black French speaking taxicab driver whom they mistakenly grabbed out of the waiting room was very 'surprised' to find out he was no on the air in front of millions of people. I can barely type this I am laughing so hard.

The real Web site editor, Guy Kewney, who watched with
astonishment at reception, said the mix-up was hard to explain
because BBC staff had seen his picture in advance. Kewney is
white and the mystery guest was black.

"He seemed as baffled as I felt," Kewney wrote on his Web
site www.newswireless.net, which has a link to the interview,
broadcast live on Friday.

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