Saturday, January 29, 2005

I am from the Interdependent Planet Called Skype

John Barlow writes a great piece on Skype and its ability to empower and inspire. Here is a tidbit..

Anyway, I feel as if the Global Village became real to me that night, and, indeed, it has become the Global Dinner Party. All at once. The small world has become the intimate world.
I'm beginning to think this Internet thing may turn out to be emotionally important after all.

It is a great story... I get calls all the time from others wanting to chat or practice English. Unfortunately I haven't had the time lately to indulge as I am too busy working with my partners getting others to experience it. Check out the Languages section at Jyve, we are trying to create a user managed portal to bring some organization to people wanting to do just this. If you have any suggestions, comments please feel free to make them.


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